Monday, May 10, 2010

Hellen and Johnny's Instant Gratification Short

2010 has been the year of same day edits! It looks like almost every other wedding film I shoot has one. Johnny and Hellen's is number 4 for this year. And I would have to say, theirs has been the most stress free wedding I've shot so far! Why? Because of my new and awesome Macbook Pro! I don't have to wait as long to render and the files are being saved to my hard drive a lot faster. Johnny and Hellen's was also a record breaking 16 hour day for me since I arrived earlier than everyone else to capture establishing shots and to make sure that I get everyone getting ready from start to finish. Don't worry ladies, I make sure that everyone has at least their foundation on! He he he. The best thing about this same day edit? I had three hours to spare before showtime and that's never happened before! Special thanks goes out to my crew that day, Shirley Corpuz and Sharon De Castro. Here's the 4th Artistic Imagery Instant Gratification Short Film of the year... Enjoy!

Johnny and Hellen's Instant Gratification Short from artistic imagery films on Vimeo.

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