Friday, April 23, 2010

Surprise Wedding Thriller Dance!

Alan here. Not everyone considers wedding films a necessity for his or her wedding. Whether it's because they remember watching their friend's sub-par wedding video from a so called professional or because the budget just doesn’t allow for it. All valid. People may have a dozen reasons why they shouldn’t have a video but sometimes they fail to remember why they should…

… Even the very best photographer can't capture the sound of your laugh or your wedding vows (except for Amber. She's that good! Ahem.) A picture of your maid of honor holding a champagne glass pales in comparison to hearing her toast, don't you think?

… A grandparent smiling at you and your new spouse as you begin your new life together.

… Your parents’ heartfelt toast telling you how they’ve never been prouder.

... Chances are, your future children and grandchildren would rather see video footage over pictures in an album of your big day.

... In a recent survey, 98% of newlyweds who did NOT hire a wedding filmmaker urge brides to include a wedding filmmaker in their plans

Why is it sooo important to hire a wedding filmmaker for your big day? Well, it's for moments like this....

Surprise Thriller Dance at a Wedding Reception from artistic imagery films on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When Hellen Met Johnny

Amber and I are truly lucky to be working with such amazing clients. I really don't like using the word "client" because even before their big day, we already consider them friends. Filming a story that takes 2-3 days, you really get to spend time with the couple. Johnny and Hellen's story is a fun one to re-create. Yes, they did meet at Johnny's family owned restaurant and they also met by chance in Las Vegas but I had the artistic license to stretch and twist the story a bit. Much like Hollywood does to get the story across. He he he. If you haven't met Johnny and Hellen, you will truly get to know them in their love story. He's funny as hell and she's quiet, fashionable and cute!

When Hellen Met Johnny from artistic imagery films on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Congratulations, Stacie and Ronnie!

Alan here. It was a gorgeous day in San Jose, CA and the Church of Christ and the Ranch Golf Club was the perfect setting for Stacie and Ronnie's big day. We first got started at Hotel Valencia on Santana Row where Stacie and her bridesmaids got ready. It was a neat hotel with a blend of traditional furnishings surrounded by a touch of modern flair. It was a fairly small room but we managed to fit four makeup artists and hairdressers, the bridal party, the mothers of the bride and groom, two photographers, and three videographers. Whew! The ceremony at the church went very smoothly and the reception was a blast. Ronnie and a couple of the groomsmen did a surprise choreographed dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller and it brought the house down. We topped off the evening with a video presentation of their love story video and a surprise instant gratification short that you can view here:

A Ranch Golf Club Same Day Edit from artistic imagery films on Vimeo.

Congratulations guys! I'll make sure to post a link to your surprise Thriller dance soon!