Thursday, December 24, 2009

Congratulations Emilie and David!

A few weeks ago, Emilie and Dave had their outdoor ceremony and indoor reception on a gorgeous sunny day at the American River Resort. This was my first time at that location and it was an awesome site surrounded by nature. This was also my first venture into Super 8 filming. I must tell you that I'm addicted to the vintage chic look and I can't wait to shoot my next one! I even purchased a better super 8 camera with more manual control and a better lens.
Emilie and Dave were so great to work with. All I needed to do was just sit back and observe. Not much direction needed, they were naturals in front of the camera! All the younger kids were wondering what I was holding in my hands and why my camera is making all that noise! The older crowd on the other hand, told me some pretty cool stories on how they used to film their kids back in the day and it was refreshing to see that old cameras are still being used today.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Chinese/Vietnamese Wedding

This is it. It's been a long time coming, one of my favorite weddings of 2009. Thu and Reagan sure know how to party! Even though it was a long day for everyone with a tea ceremony, 100 degree weather, a catholic ceremony, and a kick ass reception at a local Chinese restaurant, The newlyweds were such awesome troopers through it all.... just to get the shot! There were so much good footage that I could've easily make their summary 5 minutes long (my summaries are usually 3-4 minutes). But this one's even better, it's five minutes and 1 second! Thank you Thu and Reagan for letting us into your lives on this wonderful day. Here's their wedding summary, Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sheila and Ari's Wedding Film Summary

I can't believe the year's almost over and what a great way to end it with Sheila and Ari's wedding at the gorgeous Saint Francis Church in downtown Sacramento and the Marriott Hotel on Sunrise Blvd. Sheila and Ari definitely had an awesome wedding complete with a live band, dove release, a church choir and traditional Filipino Folk Dances to top off the evening. Less talking and more watching! Here's Sheila and Ari's wedding summary:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jen and Terry's Wedding Summary

Alan here, I'm not really much of a country music fan, but Jen and Terry's first dance, a country song, fit the bill for their wedding summary! These two lovebirds got married in the beautiful Silverado Resort in Napa. An easy going couple with a beautiful and laid back wedding, a perfect blend for an artistic imagery film. Enjoy!

Vierra Family Portrait

Yesterday, Amber and I braved the cold weather with the Vierra Family of West Sacramento. If any of the background scenes look familiar, they were taken at Dave's Pumpkin Patch and during the month of December, it transforms into a Christmas Tree Farm! If you haven't gotten your Christmas Tree already, this is the place to get a great quality tree!

I seriously wanted to spend more time with them but the cold am winter weather called for spending more time indoors rather than outside. I could barely feel the trigger on my camera! Luckily, Erin was able to lend me her gloves for the last part of the shoot. I'm so glad the pics didn't come out blurry from my sh sh shakiness. Thanks Erin! I hope everyone out there is staying warm this winter. Here are the faves from the shoot....