Monday, December 7, 2009

Vierra Family Portrait

Yesterday, Amber and I braved the cold weather with the Vierra Family of West Sacramento. If any of the background scenes look familiar, they were taken at Dave's Pumpkin Patch and during the month of December, it transforms into a Christmas Tree Farm! If you haven't gotten your Christmas Tree already, this is the place to get a great quality tree!

I seriously wanted to spend more time with them but the cold am winter weather called for spending more time indoors rather than outside. I could barely feel the trigger on my camera! Luckily, Erin was able to lend me her gloves for the last part of the shoot. I'm so glad the pics didn't come out blurry from my sh sh shakiness. Thanks Erin! I hope everyone out there is staying warm this winter. Here are the faves from the shoot....


  1. love it! I hope to see more family portraits! I think you guys would kick butt in that too!

  2. great work!Just came across your stuff by chance : )