Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ronnie + Stacie's Love Story

Alan here. I met Stacie and Ronnie last year when they booked us for their upcoming wedding on April 3rd. They fell in love with Tina and Mike's Love Story Video and Same Day Edit and wanted to do something similar. A few days after we signed them, Ronnie emails me with a script for their love story. I read it and it was amazing. I would have to say, the funnest part of the shoot was getting to apply makeup on them when they had the getting older scene. All I used was baby powder and brown eyeliner. Even though it was only up for few seconds on the final cut, the scene took 3-4 hours to prep and shoot. It was an awesome 3 days of filming with Amber's help and I can't wait to shoot their same day edit as well! Props also goes out to Arlene and John Lee for lending us their living room and Denny's for filming inside their diner for a few hours.

Stacie and Ronnie from artistic imagery films on Vimeo.