Monday, June 16, 2008

Jennifer and Erwin's Wedding in Milpitas, CA

Alan, here. Adriel and I spent the entire day in the bay area shooting my cousin, Jennifer's wedding. The day went so smoothly and it was a joy to shoot since I knew a lot of people that attended. One of our second shooters, Kei was also there but only as a guest. I wish all the weddings that I shoot were as relaxed and easy going as theirs! Being that the ceremony and reception was in the San Jose area, there weren't a lot of places to take outdoor pictures, so the bride and groom decided that the Cisco parking lot would be the best location since it's conveniently right across their reception site. It worked out pretty well for what it was. Congratulations Jennifer and Erwin!

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  1. Thank you Alan for being part of our special day! The pictures are beautiful! Can't wait to see more!