Monday, September 14, 2009

Mike and Tina's Love Story Film and Instant Gratification Short

By far, this has been the most ambitious Love Story edit that I've shot. Filmed at several locations and shot in three separate days, Mike and Tina were willing to do anything to get the perfect shot! This has also been the quickest same day editing job that I've undertaken since everything was running behind that day but I still want myself to be on time. 1 hour to edit, 30 minutes to render. Whew! Props to Adriel, Kimi, Amber, Sarah, Mary and Chris for doing anything and everything for me that day to get this same day edit shown on time.

Mike and Tina's Love Story and Same Day Edit from alan silva on Vimeo.


  1. Alan you did amazing with our story!! You are truely super creative and love that you were willing to do anything to get our shots =)

  2. Saw your video on Rock n' Roll Bride & wanted to stop and tell you how much I loved this edit! You are so talented and I can tell you are living what you love. What an amazing video!