Sunday, March 8, 2009

Now Playing at a wedding location near you!

Alan here, On May 30th, I will be shooting my first wedding at the Crest Theater for Julie and Joe. They're having an awesome hollywood themed event and I feel so privileged that they've chosen Artistic Imagery Video to capture their special day. And what better way to show off their upcoming wedding than with a Hollywood style movie poster! This 27"x40" will actually be hanging at the Crest Theater on the day of their wedding. Woohoo! So with this project gave me an awesome idea to provide our past and current brides...If any of you guys are interested in a framed movie poster from your wedding photos, they're currently priced at $300 each!

Special thanks to Jen Stewart Photography for the amazing photos used for this poster!


  1. Hi Alan,

    Joe and I love, Love, LOVE the poster!!!! Your range of talent never ceases to amaze me!!! :-) Thanks again and we're looking forward to our video session soon!


  2. This is FREEKIN' AWESOME guys!!!!!!!!!

  3. Holy Catnip Batman............AMAZING WORK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brilliant!! Fantastic job you guys!

  5. Wow! These are too cool! Love that one with the Stewarts images look like they were taken for that poster, you guys rock!